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                         FAQ's and Things You Need and Probably Should Know

Where can I park? - We share the entire lot with the neighboring businesses.  If those businesses are closed, you may park in front of them, despite the "No Parking" signs they have posted (as long as you do not park in front of a rollup door).  Additionally, there is a large lot at the end of the row that is available for parking as well.  We are currently working with our leasing company to ensure that the parking situation is made more transparent to our patrons.

Do we allow pets? - For the most part we will be dog friendly, however if they are being disruptive we will ask you respect the other patrons and remove your pet.

Do we allow children? - We believe that our brewery is more of an adult environment.  Because our atmosphere and available entertainment is not generally conducive to children, we would ask that our customers use discretion in bringing anyone under 18 years of age.

Do we have parking? - Yes we do. All tenants in our building share parking with the entire lot area.  We ask, however, that people refrain from parking in front of other business' rollup doors, however, as these are not parking spots and are subject to towing. 

Can you hold a private event? - YOU KNOW IT! Price will be determined on what day (excluding holidays) how many guests, and duration of the event.

Do we have food? - We periodically have food trucks on site, as advertised on our Facebook and Instagram.  We also provide local menus if we do not have a food truck but you wish to order something.

May I bring outside food? - Go for it!

Do we have non alcoholic beverages? - Don't worry DD's, we got you covered!

Is there outdoor seating? - Not at this time, but we're working on getting the proper permitting and seating requirements for an outside area.

Discounts? - Police, EMS, Fire, and Military will be honored. If you are an actual Astronaut we have something special for you. *Credentials required for discounts*

Is there a mug club? - Well yes and no, we have a Space Force. Our Space Force has a few different tiers, please feel free to inquire within.


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